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Junquillal Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Junquillal Beach, Guanacaste Costa Rica.

Junquillal Beach, (Playa Junquillal in Spanish) is a small peaceful piece of paradise located on the North Pacific Coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It is located 33 kms south from Tamarindo and 1.5 hours from Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia. Playa Junquillal is characterized by being a very relaxed beach, on any given day you could be one of the very few people or the only the one at the beach, with crystal clear warm water sea all year long it's a great place to relax at the rhythm of the waves.

Playa Junquillal holds the "Bandera Azul Ecol√≥gica" (Ecological Blue Flag) an award given by the Costa Rican Government to those beaches and towns that  have developed tourist activity that is friendly with the environment, among other things to achieve the Ecological Blue Flag the beach must have satisfactory quality of the water and the beach, access to drinkable water, treatment of water and garbage cans and treatment, environmental education, signs and security.

Besides the EBF Playa Junquillal has many other ecological programs like the WWF program to preserve the leatherback turtle on which a group of local boys known as the "baula boys" helps to work on the turtle nursery, take care of the turtle nests at the beach and the bay turtles. Last year 886 turtles were born setting a record . There is also a program to conserve the Nandamojo river, which is the river that has it's estuary at the southern end of Junquillal, which by the way is a great place to go and do some meditation.

You would like to travel to Playa Junquillal if you are looking for a relaxing vacation away from your cell phone, laptop, stress and city life. Nightlife is not precisely one of Playa Junquillal's biggest assets, there is a bar where you can enjoy some drinks at the sunset and have some snacks and flow with the relaxed environment.  

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costa rica family vacation junquillal beachCosta Rica Family Vacations in Junquillal Beach

Junquillal Beach is a perfect spot for a family vacation in Costa Rica. The beach is very calm, it is not a busy beach, approximate 200 people live in Junquillal Beach, the beach is spacius with plenty of space to play on the sand in low tide, the sea is perfect for bathing, playing with the kids, boogieboarding, skimboarding or having as much fun as you want under the sun. Snorkeling, beach walks and tide pools are an other great attraction for the family.

Located in the golden coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Playa Junquillal offers hotels options for different budgets and tastes, you can get cabinas or hotel rooms, most of the hotels are located right in front of the beach or with very close access. Most of the hotels have their own restaurant and also there are some restaurants in the area from snacks to fine pizza or seafood.

For your Costa Rica family vacations in Junquillal Beach you can choose, as an alternative for a hotel room, to rent a house. Vacation Rentals are great option for families and if you are making a trip with a big family or maybe that trip you have been talking about with your sibling's family, a house rental is the way to go. Yo can get a house with 2, 3 or 4 rooms, swimingpool BBQ, cleaning and cooking service and enjoy all the commodities of a hotel but in a more intimate and relaxed environment.

A variety of tours are available, horse back riding, scuba diving, canopy tours, national parks, for the grown ups there is sport fishing, surf, golf, or a massage at the spa. Also enjoy the nature at the estuary of the Nandamojo River and around the beach, get ready because there is good chance that your naps may be interrupted by howler monkeys, doing why they are called howlers! Junquillal is also home of a communal effort to preserve the Leatherback Turtle and other marine turtles of the Pacific, if you are visiting during summer you can take walk in the night and with a bit of luck you may be witness the miracle of turtle nesting.


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Junquillal Costa Rica

Junquillal Travel Tips

You wont regret of your decition of visiting Junquillal Beach, so here are some small tips to make your visit more joyful:

  • You are going to a tropical beach so should pack: sun screen, mosquito repelent,  flip flops or some water shoes, a hat and sunglasses will be graeat for the walks on the beach. If you have a fresh long sleeve shirt will be handy against the mosquitos to go at night to the beach, a falshlight too. Don't forget your swimsuit!!
  • If you are comming from Europe, don't forget your electric adapter for your electronics.
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Earth Day Celebration

On May 2nd the celebration of Earth's Day took place at the park of Junquillal, there were various expositions from conservations groups as the Baula Boys and WWF, The Nandamojo Conservation Project, seeds and solar kitchens demos, there were also activities for the kids with a moppets show, a back light and fire show with a very cool conservation message. The celebration ended with a dance and party.

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WWF and Junquillal

WWF Central America works hard to save the critically endangered Pacific leatherback turtle in Junquillal Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This community-based conservation project concentrates on the social abatement of egg poaching and mitigation of climate change impacts to the nesting site.



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