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surf playa negra costa ricaPlaya Negra, Guancaste, Costa Rica

Playa Negra or Playa Negra de los Pargos (the real name) is located 9 km (5.6) north from Junquillal, there is a road by the Hotel Iguana Azul that goes thru Playa Callejones entering Playa Negra by Plablo Piccaso's Bed n' Breakfast, the other road, the main road, it's passing Paraiso and Los Pargos.

Playa Negra is a would famus surf spot, made popular worlwide on the movie Endless Summer 2. With one of the most consistents waves in Costa Rica, it is a rigth wave with some ocationally lefts (but watch out for a huge rock over there),

It can be surf on low and high tide, featuring high speed dry barrells that could be a dream or a nightmare, no in between, although its better when it is mid-high tide to high and if the swell is decent overhead a smile is guaranteed at the end of the session, it can hold as big as triple overhead but watch out with the rocks under the water. Bad News: it can get crowded.

It is a great beach to take a good walk, on low tide you can go south to Junquillal, it takes around an hour or less depending on how much you stay on the tide pools. You can also walk to the north and will find a couple of cool spots.

At the beach you can chill at the Rancho Playa Negra Restaurant, have a cold beer, some food after or play pool after a good surf session.