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Horseback Riding

This is a authentic experience that is a must for everybody. There are few things in the world I find more relaxing than a stroll down a deserted beach section, away from everybody, on the back of a horse. Maybe the sound of the water flowing thru the rocks of a blue pristine river, or the acustic enchantment of a Violin and Chello. These are some of the things that can be compared to the feeling of trasporting yourself thru the dense Jungle and long secluded beaches in the traditional way.


In this part of our beloved Costa Rica, the Sabanero can be found. These Guanacastan people are considered the "Cowboys" of the country and when you feel the humbless and hospitality they offer to everybody you will feel right at home. What better a guide for your horseback riding, than somebody that has the knowlegde and conection with the earth that can only be handed down generation to generation of a truly dedicated family.

There are several magnificant options in Junquillal and the surrounding areas for horseback riding. You can go from mountain sides upon scenic routes, down cistal rivers and thru exuberant ever-green forrest. Only to suddenly appear on a strech of silent sandy beach landscape. Completly silent if not for the howling monkeys and squaking flocks of deep green featherd parrots. Be assured that you can feel safe with a true Sabanero family that lives in Junquillal, as so has there ancestors before them for centuries. When you watch the Sun slowiy sink into the crimson ocean, feeling the gentil swaying of the horse you are riding, along with the salty smell of the ocean. You can actually know what it must have to feet like when it was done by the very first people to ever set foot on such a wonderful place.