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Junquillal Costa Rica

Junquillal Travel Tips

You wont regret of your decition of visiting Junquillal Beach, so here are some small tips to make your visit more joyful:

  • You are going to a tropical beach so should pack: sun screen, mosquito repelent,  flip flops or some water shoes, a hat and sunglasses will be graeat for the walks on the beach. If you have a fresh long sleeve shirt will be handy against the mosquitos to go at night to the beach, a falshlight too. Don't forget your swimsuit!!
  • If you are comming from Europe, don't forget your electric adapter for your electronics.
  • The last gas station before Playa Junquillal is in Santa Cruz, make sure to fill up your tank if your are planning to move a lot in the area,escape-rip-current-junquillal a minimum of half tank will be good if you are planning to stay on the area. 
  • The nearest clinic is in Santa Cruz, the nearest hospital is in Nicoya.
  • There is a mini market that sells some goodies, beer, wine, water etc.
  • Although the minimarket and some of the restaurants accept cards, it is good to carry some cash as some local stores and restaurants don't accept cards. Colones and dollars are ok, if carring dollars try to have 20s or lower, some places won't change you a $100 bill.
  • Take care of your belongings, don't leave anything on your car or at the beach unatended. The beach is safe area but better safe than sorry.
  • When bathing on the beach, try to do it on low tide, waves are smaller and the currents are not that strong. On high tide there are some strong currents and sometimes big waves, be careful, respect the ocean.
  • If you get cought up in a current, don't swim against it, remain calm and swim parallel to the shore until out of the current, then swim back to the shore.
  • The water in Playa Junquillal is drinkable, almost in all Costa Rica the tap water is safely drinkable. You can still buy bottled water if you want, buy big bottles so you don't generate a lot of trash.
  • Make sure you don't levae any garbage on the beach, pick up your cigarrette buts, beer cans, bottles and caps, there are trash cans in all major acces to the beach.
  • If you want to explore the beach and tide pools walk over the rocks on the points on low tide. On high tide may be difficult to cross the rocks, take your flip flops!
  • When walking greet with a smile to the people you meet on the road, it is a tradition that is practiced in Guanacaste!
  • Surf is better with off-shore winds and during tide changes, specially going up.
  • Turtle nesting season is from September to March. If you go out at night looking for turtles, don't bring a big flashlight and don't point the light directly to the turtles, enjoy with respect this miracle.