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Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica


A lot has changed in Tamarindo Beach over the last 15 years. The major development here has caused a quick transition from sleepy fishing Village to a ever growing community of people from all corners of the globe. This beach town is frecuently called the other Capital of Guanacaste simply because here you can find everything you expect to find in a major populated area. This is a great place to come if you are looking for some great night life. The beach here is very nice and you can apreciate it from several very good bars and restuarants. All your bank servicies can be satisfied as just about anything else you desire. To get here from Junquillal drive towards Paraiso and  playa Negra. From here you pass Negra and go to Playa Avellanas and onto Hacienda Pinilla. After you take a left at the intersection for about 4 km and you will arrive at the main entrance where you take another left.  


Tamarindo Beach is a section of a bay formed by a cape called Cabo Velas, Inside this same bay and in walking distance is Playa Grande. This protected area insures the safe breeding grounds for the Leatherback Turtle. It is something incredible to watch these giant turtles come back and lay eggs in the same beach that they where born at so many years ago. The two beaches are separated by a natural salt water estuary which is a natural refuge for all sorts of fish and birds. Here you can take a unique tour consisting of getting on a local skiff and venturing into mysterious land of swamp´s and mangrove forest. Anything can jump out of the think such as mammals and resptils, so keep an eye open.


South of Tamarindo Bay there is another beautiful estuary and beach located on Playa Langosta. Both Playa Grande and Playa Langosta major nesting areas for the Leather Back Turtles and are part of the  They start to arrive from October to March to lay their eggs by the hundreds. You can get Tours led by official guides to be sure that you get  Another very special tour is the jungle boat ride. Small groups are ferried on locally built skiffs deep into the mysterious mangrove forest, where a breathtaking diversity of birds, mammals, and reptiles can be seen. All three of the mentioned beaches can offer decent surfing conditions, but i would like to note that for begginers, Tamarindo offers much more forgiving conditions.