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Playa Avellenas Costa Rica

Here is a beach that is an absolute jewel, and everybody knows about it. Unfortunetly it is almost always housing a good amount of people, but since it is a decent sized beach and has much to offer, it can be enjoyed by all. To get to Avellanas go back to Paraiso and take the left also going toward Playa Negra. At the intersection of Playa Negra take a right and you will be there in about ten minutes. The whole way is very close to the coast and has great views.

At first you can notice that it is a beach for not only Surfers but there Surfing Families. Men, Women and children from all over the world can enjoy the ocean in Avellanas together due to the several types of waves and surf breaks available. The water conditions and pristine most of the year and perfect for everybody from begginer to Pro. The beach view and sand color are breathtaking. You can surf Beachbreaks, Estuary Sandbars, and a balls out reef called Little Hawaii all om the same stretch of beach. You can also enjoy regular regional activities in the area such as Horseback Riding, Sportfising, Snorkeling, or you can enjoy a splended game of golf on the 18 hole Championship Course at Hacieda Pinilla a strone throw away. This Dream course, designed my Mike Young, is considered one of the best in all of Central America. Simply because this beach is so nice and so close to Junquillal, i have got to strongly recommend you visit it, hell.... i am ordering you!! Do IT DO IT!!

lola-pig-avellanas-costa-rica Not the best place for swimming due to strong currents, Avellana beach is perfect for those who want a quiet place to relax, eventhough this place is visited by many people and is international known, you will see that the vibe is very mellow and peaceful. There are not many restuarants in the area and few hotels are spread out. If you decide to have something to eat, the restuarant right on the beach always has some incredible smells comming out of the kitchen and you know that a good meal, while watching the pitching waves break in front, is priceless. Keep and eye out for the massive 400 pound Pig called Lola that likes to frolick in the shore break. It is quite a spectical.