News from Junquillal Beach, Guanacaste Costa Rica
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WWF and Junquillal

WWF Central America works hard to save the critically endangered Pacific leatherback turtle in Junquillal Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This community-based conservation project concentrates on the social abatement of egg poaching and mitigation of climate change impacts to the nesting site.

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Earth Day Celebration

On May 2nd the celebration of Earth's Day took place at the park of Junquillal, there were various expositions from conservations groups as the Baula Boys and WWF, The Nandamojo Conservation Project, seeds and solar kitchens demos, there were also activities for the kids with a moppets show, a back light and fire show with a very cool conservation message. The celebration ended with a dance and party.

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We are up and running

We would like to anounce to the Junquillal Comunity, Businnes of the are and visitors that are are starting this journey and we are up and running, we still have some information to enter and must complete some areas of the site, but at least we have some fundatrions ready to start.